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Strategy Solutions

We provide strategic, commercial, economic, corporate finance and financial consultancy services. Our firm is recognised for its ability to quickly grasp the attributes of a problem and solve it using methodologies specific to the client’s needs and industry. This results in tailored advice that takes into account the often complex demands of the sector environment, as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach.

SIAL Capabilities

Utilising our extensive industry capabilities, we assist clients in identifying and managing their market and business-related issues. The accumulated specialised experience of our team in fast changing industry and government environments has given us the capabilities needed to drive projects and achieve client objectives.

Our Sector and Specialist Service Groups are:

National power planning and implementation

  • Power planning strategic support
  • Demand forecasting
  • Short and long term power supply planning
  • Integrated resource planning (IRP) for best future supply mix
  • Renewable options planning (barriers, solutions and results)
  • Development of structural incentives for private capital and IPPs
  • Policy, legislative and regulatory advice for effective markets
  • Fitting demand-side management (DSM) into national supply mix
  • DSM implementation planning
  • Liaison and coordination with financiers and DFIs
  • Stakeholder management planning

Commercial and strategic advice

  • Power development planning
  • Commercial and contractual risk analysis
  • Value chain assessment
  • Market opportunity identification
  • Assessment of vertical and horizontal integration
  • Analysis of degree of competition in markets
  • Quantification of benefits of diversification
  • Corporate and business planning facilitation
  • Strategic options analysis

Commercial implementation

  • Power project business case development
  • Gas-fired power station commercial support
  • Renewables commercial implementation
  • Power project feasibility and commercial development
  • Development of entire power project security package and individual contractual components
  • Commercial and contractual risk analysis
  • Drafting of commercial agreements: Project development agreements, PPA, and GSA
  • Connection agreements
  • Capacity building

Finance and commercial integration

  • Asset and business valuation
  • Commercial and regulatory due diligence
  • Assistance with producing information memoranda
  • Review and risk assessment of commercial contracts
  • Market and price advice
  • Attracting private investors
  • Business case preparation

Markets and regulation

  • Market design and implementation
  • Development of power market policy, legislation and regulation to facilitate competition
  • Creating a power environment to attract private capital and IPPs
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Power pricing through the value chain
  • Market rule design and policy assistance
  • Response to regulatory changes
  • Preparation of responses to policy and advice to regulators
  • Conversion between regulated and market assets

Regulatory and tariff support

  • Regulatory strategy development
  • Tariff options analysis
  • Regulatory and Tariff workshops and capacity building
  • Tariff analysis and modelling
  • Tariff customer impact analysis
  • Regulatory submissions structure, design and implementation
  • Regulatory capacity building
  • Utility capacity building

Market and commercial modelling

  • Developing national power supply models for planning and optimisation
  • Modelling of wholesale market prices
  • Assessment of new capacity requirements
  • Scenario design and option evaluation
  • Power station economic modelling
  • Financial modelling for investment purposes
  • Physical and portfolio gas modelling
  • Optimising gas profiles with power station scenarios
  • Modelling the national power supply chain
  • Modelling resources for renewables and optimising output
  • Economics of renewables
  • Modelling of appropriate risk limits
SIAL solves problems with a blend of commercial expertise and global experience which will help you make the right decisions.

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